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Foot Therapy: After Walk Foot Pain Recovery Tips

There’s nothing quite like a long hike to re-invigorate the senses and refresh the mind. However, the foot pain that can follow a long walk is less than ideal. 

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Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialist

Why Do I Have Heel Pain in the Morning?


If you wake up in the morning with heel pain, you may feel stiffness or pain in your heel when you’re lying down in bed. Or you may notice it when you take your first steps out of bed in the morning. 

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Orlando H.Rivera DPM

What to Know About Your Feet When Buying Running Shoes

The most common question that Josh Brimhall owner of Red Rock Running Company in Nevada gets asked is, “How do I know which shoe is best for me?” That involves in-depth knowledge of your foot and a trained eye to determine how your foot moves in relation to your ankle and hips. 

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Podiatrist in Houston

Why Do Corns and Calluses Develop?

Causes corns and calluses

The small bones of the toes and feet are broader and more lumpy near to the small joints of the toes. If there is repeated friction or pressure on the skin overlying a small rough area of bone, this will cause the skin to thicken. This may lead to corns or calluses forming. 

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