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6  Ways to Remove Dead Skin from Your Feet

What causes dead skin on the feet?

Dead or loose skin forming on the feet is your foot’s way of naturally exfoliating and shedding dead skin cells. 

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How to Avoid Feet and Leg Problems if Standing All Day

You can reduce the risks associated with prolonged standing – especially those suffering from chronic tired feet and stiff leg muscles. Below are simple actions you can take to get you through your day while avoiding …or at least reducing health hazards. 

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Orlando H.Rivera DPM

How to Treat Acute Gout Attacks

Treating gout requires a two-pronged approach that combines medications and lifestyle changes. 

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Standing All Day at Work? It May Take Toll on Health

The most commonly reported symptoms from extended periods of standing are discomfort, fatigue and swelling in the legs. 

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