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Like our skin, our feet also suffer during the summer. Between the material of the flip-flops -sometimes it seems that they are made in hell itself due to the heat they give off when they are left in the sun-, their fastening straps -which can cause chafing of a significant size- and the infections that can emerge from the feet... the reality is that, just like the skin, we must also worry about taking care of our feet and not mistreating them, which are also more exposed during the summer period.

For this reason, aside from the often annoying flip-flops, we are going to focus on the infections that most frequently affect us in summer and that cause the well-known athlete's foot, also called tinea pedis or foot/foot tinea.

In the summer, athlete's foot is more common, so we recommend that you see an expert if you have a visible problem or discomfort.

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