Foot and Ankle Podiatrist in Houston for treat the Corn Foot

Callos en los dedos

  • The corn is a dead tissue reexaltación firm, small and round, which usually form in different parts of the bony toes and having a hard consistency.

    Most have yellowish, but may blush to become irritated and inflamed. Contain a waxy core and which is formed in the outer skin layer and then penetrates to the underlying tissue and nerves os, causing pain especially if pressed.
  • Are easily diagnosed with the naked eye and an important step to prevent and treat is to identify the type of footwear that is being used.
    A great danger to be considered is whether the person has diabetes or any disease that causes poor circulation, corns should be treated in a professional and you should never try healing the person.
  • They are caused by friction or pressure on the skin, usually by wearing shoes or socks that do not fit properly or participate in artistic activities, work or sports that involve constant rubbing and pressure.

    In some cases, the calli were also develop arthritis or deformities in the bone structure.
    • Use insoles designed to lift and separate the long bones of the arc, pressure transferring metatarsus of the foot.
    • Limit how often you wear high heels, as they can cause abnormal weight shifting to the toes
    • Wear shoes when exercising adequate to distribute the weight evenly along their feet
    • Maintain a healthy weight