Podiatrist in Houston to treat Callus Foot

Callosidad en la planta

  • The calluses are horny layers that form in certain parts of the skin because of the call hyperkeratosis, which causes the upper layers of the skin to thicken by an increased presence of keratin. By losing moisture, nerve endings and tissue atrophy becomes harder and insensitive to pain. If this skin is exposed to constant pressure and friction will form a strong yellowish surface will form a callus.
  • The calluses vary in shape and size. They are usually painless, but in some cases become so thick that the skin loses flexibility and break causing discomfort. People with diabetes or poor circulation may develop serious infections under calluses.
  • The calluses on the soles or heels are caused by wearing shoes that press your feet too. People who go barefoot all the time and in all types of terrain, often develop calluses up to 1 cm. thick.
    • Wear comfortable shoes, avoiding high heels and narrow toes.
    • Use plain socks without roughness.
    • Rubbing your feet every day, before bed and preferably using hot water with salt, vinegar or soap to soften calloused parts.
    • Never use scissors or knives to remove calluses, see a specialist in difficult cases in which no patches are removed with or liquids that are purchased in pharmacies.