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How to Wear High Heels to Avoid Injury

Metatarsalgia and Stress Fractures

High-heel shoes continue to be popular in women’s fashion. However, despite the social and cultural acceptance of high heels, injuries and pain can result from this type of shoewear. Here are some of the common injuries and ailments associated with high heels.

Metatarsalgia and Stress Fractures

High heels are designed to point the toe down. This position is what gives the leg the attractive slender look. However, this position also causes excessive pressure on the ball of the foot. Furthermore, the toes must pull up to meet the ground. This moves the padding out from under the ball of the foot and adds to the pressure placed on the metatarsal bones. The pain created at the ball of the foot is called metatarsalgia.
The higher the heel the worse the metatarsalgia. In fact, the strain in the bones over time could be so great that they break. This is called a stress fracture.
Some tips on avoiding metatarsalgia and stress fracture:
Consider a lower heel height – the higher the heel, the more pressure on the ball of the foot
Consider a wider toe box – the more pointed the toe of the shoe, the more crowded the toes will become, and as a result the more pressure on the ball of the foot
Consider using high heels for only a limited amount of time – the more time in high heels, the more pressure on the bones of the feet and the more likely a stress fracture is to occur

Fuente: aofas.org


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High Heels

010816 Metatarsalgia and Stress Fractures

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