Symptoms of Arthritis in Toes

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If you’re experiencing toe pain, here are a few clues that arthritis may be the cause.

Symptom #1: Pain
Pain is most likely the first noticeable symptom of arthritis. You may feel a general pain in the toes or on the big toe alone. Patients describe it as ranging from a deep, achy feeling to a sharper, stabbing sensation when they try to move.

Symptom #2: Stiffness
Over time time, arthritis wears away at the cartilage between joints, inflames tissues, and damages synovial fluid. All these changes can make joints stiff and difficult to move.

Symptom #3: Swelling
If your toes are swollen, it’s potentially a sign that they could be arthritic. All types of arthritis cause inflammation in the joint, which can result in visible swelling. The toes may turn red and feel warm to the touch.

Symptom #4: Clicking and Popping Noises
You know how it sounds when you crack your knuckles? You may start to hear similar sounds in your toes if you have toe arthritis. A grinding noise is a fairly common symptom as well. These sounds are caused by the deterioration of the cartilage that typically cushions the two bones in a joint.

Symptom #5: Change in Appearance
Does your toe look bigger than it used to? Is it starting to rotate away from your foot? These occurrences can be symptoms of toe arthritis. As the cartilage wears away and the bone grinds against bone, the body attempts to make the situation better. Its solution: creating more bone.

Symptom #6: Heat
When inflammation brings more blood to your toes, you may feel a sense of warmth or heat in the area. It can be mildly irritating, but it usually doesn’t interfere with your daily activities.

Symptom #7: Locked Joint
A locked joint can happen when there is so much swelling and stiffness that the joint is no longer able to bend at all. Rough edges on the bones and bone spurs can also cause a joint to lock up.

Symptom #8: Difficulty Walking
All of these symptoms can make walking extremely painful and difficult. You may find yourself adjusting your gait as you try to put less weight on your toes. You might even choose to stop exercising. Unfortunately, these kinds of changes can affect the rest of your body, causing hip or back pain, weight gain, and other problems.

Source: healthline

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