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Swollen Ankles

Causes of Swollen Ankles

Swollen ankles can be a temporary condition that is not necessarily cause for concern.

Anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet, tries a new exercise routine or has a particularly busy day can wind up with some swelling and discomfort in the ankles. If this swelling comes along with other side effects or it lasts for several days this may be a sign that you may have another condition that might require a medical attention to help you get your ankles back to normal.

Causes of Swollen Ankles
There are a wide range of causes that can lead to swollen ankles, including potential diseases, health condition, medications and injuries.

Pregnancy. Pregnancy can often lead to swelling in the hands and feet.
Lymphedema. Lymphedema in the legs can cause welling in the ankles and feet.
Infections. Other infections in the legs can also result in the ankles swelling.
Medications. Some medications including estrogen, testosterone, calcium channel blockers, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, diabetes medication or steroids can cause swelling in the ankles or other parts of the body.
Venous insufficiency. A venous insufficiency can cause the ankles and feet to swell.
Blood clots. Blood clots in the legs can cause the ankles to swell as blood pools in the veins near the skin in this area.
Foot and ankle injury. If you injure your foot or ankle the ankle may begin to swell.
Getting old. Sometimes as people age their ankles and feet may begin to swell.
Prolonged immobility. When people sit without moving for long periods of time, such as during long car trips their ankles may swell temporarily.

Source: md-health

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