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Ankle Pain to Run

How to Deal with Ankle Pain When Running

It is common to have sore ankles after running, but sometimes pain can be unbearable. It is important to do something to fix the issue, and that's when you need to know what's causing the pain in the first place. You can always start with stretching and strengthening exercises to relieve ankle soreness. Here are some other treatment options.

1. For Severe Cases
You shouldn't be doing any stretches or regular strengthening exercises if you have severe ankle soreness. Wait until 72 hours for swelling to go away. During this time, you can use compression wrap, elevate your affected ankle, and take plenty of rest. Taking OTC medications such as acetaminophen will also help alleviate pain.

2. Relax and Rest
Sometimes, the sprain isn't that serious and responds well to rest. So, stop for a while and avoid running while you're feeling any pain in your ankle. Ice, elevation, and compression will also help accelerate the healing process.

3. Ankle Circles
You have to perform this active stretch in a lying or seated position. Simple roll your ankle counterclockwise and then repeat the same in a clockwise motion. Do it for 15 times you should do it before you start running to keep your ankle muscles flexible and to avoid ankle pain running.

4. Standing Calf Stretch
You can perform a standing calf stretch if you feel your calf muscles a bit tight this stretching exercise is equally beneficial for Achilles tendinitis. You should perform this stretch in a staggered stance by lunging forward while making sure the back heel is down. Keep lunging forward until you notice a stretch in your calf. Stay in that posture for 15 seconds. Repeat thrice.

5. Resistance Band
Use a resistance band to strengthen your ankle muscles. You have to wrap one of a four-way resistance band around your foot and attach the other end to any stable object. Keep your leg straight and start moving your ankle in extension, flexion, inversion, or adduction. Repeat thrice with each set consisting of 10 reps.

Source: md-health

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