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How to Prevent the Appearance of Fungi in the Feet

Houston Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialist

Fungi can be found anywhere in our body, but the most affected area is the feet. These fungi or mycosis, produce a very annoying itching that can get to despair to who suffers them, and in some cases, they can end up causing the total destruction of the nails of our feet.

The only way to keep them away is to be as clean and meticulous as possible with our bodies and to teach children to respect and take care of cleaning theirs. The pools or pools, shoes, clubs, are places where we run the risk of getting fungus.

But avoid the appearance of these annoying fungi is very simple if we take into account some attitudes when attending these places or fit us.

Tips to avoid the appearance of fungus on the feet

Showers with flip flops: Every time you take a shower in a busy place (clubs, gym, campsites, etc.), take the precaution to do so with the sandals on.

Dry the feet: Dry your feet very well after bathing, especially on the fingers and between them. Also do it after any activity in which you transpire too much.

Hydration: In summer, the skin of the feet suffers many more aggressions than at any other time, producing cracks in them. To avoid these cracks where fungi can be housed, keep your feet very well hydrated with specific creams for this part of the body.

Talcum: Use special talcum powder to control and prevent fungus, both on the feet and on the footwear.

Footwear: Do not use closed shoes. It is best to opt for sandals or footwear that allow breathing to the foot.

Towels and towels: These elements, vital for the drying and cleaning of our body, must be very clean, and after using them, do not leave them piled up, but place them outdoors to dry. A damp and dirty towel or towel is the ideal place for the proliferation of fungi.

Clothing: Do not use synthetic stockings or clothing, rubber shoes, or clothes or shoes too tight.



Source: comohacerpara

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