Secrets to recovering faster from a sprain

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Keys to recover faster

Apply cold: Applying ice can help reduce inflammation and pain. The cold should be applied with a protective layer as it could be clothes, otherwise the skin could suffer the side effects of this action.

It is advisable to have the leg straight up twice a day for 20 minutes, long enough for the cold to penetrate the inner layers.

Rest: Although this point is the most difficult to carry out for the most active people, you must understand that this is the fundamental part; is the main part for a fast recovery; Fatiguing the area does not help improve the injury. The more rest there is, the faster recovery will be.

Serious anti-inflammatory drugs: Taking anti-inflammatories for the first three days may help reduce inflammation. It is estimated that all inflammatory processes have their greatest boom in the first three days after the accident. In addition they will help to reduce the sensation of pain in those cases in which it is a severe sprain that causes much pain.

Gel: The use of ointments or anti-inflammatory gel that acts directly through the skin to try to decrease the swelling of the affected area, is always recommended.

Exercises: Once you begin to regain normalcy gradually, it is recommended to do your own exercises to recover the strength of the affected area so that it is in the same state as before the accident, and not weaker due to the rest time. It is the best way to avoid relapses.


Source: Clarin Buena Vida

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