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7 Tips to Take Care of your Feet at Home

Treatment of Foot and Ankle

Wash your feet well: As your feet is cloaked in socks and shoes and exposed to dust and grime, it is susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections, especially the skin between the toes. Hence, make sure you clean your feet with soap and water at least once a day to remove dirt locked in your toes and clean the sweat.

Keep your feet dry: Dampness is a perfect environment for fungal infections like athlete's foot to thrive, which causes itching, burning, peeling of the skin. Drying the feet, especially the area between the toes is mandatory after every wash. Also, avoid wearing socks and shoes immediately afterwards your wash your feet.

Moisturise your feet regularly: Just like your hands and face, moisturise your feet as well to prevent the skin from becoming dry, scaly and chapped, which is not only painful but also puts you at risk of infections. Hence, ensure you apply a generous dose of a moisturiser like cocoa butter or petroleum jelly on your feet every day after washing your feet.

Exfoliate jagged skin: Moisturising your feet won't serve any purpose unless you remove the dead skin by exfoliation with pumice stones or loofas at least once every month. Follow it with a hydrating moisturiser and leave it overnight. Also, scrubbing with the mixture of sugar and olive oil with a few drops of mint or tea tree oil added to it for antibacterial properties.

Pamper your feet occasionally: Leave your feet soaked in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes twice a month to soften the skin. Then scrub your feet mildly, pat dry and apply a vitamin-e-rich cold cream. If your feet are susceptible to infections and inflammations, use an antibacterial cream. You can also use a mashed banana mixed with lemon juice as a hydrating mask and wash it with warm water after 20 minutes.

Wear socks: Wearing socks is not only important to protect you from the cold but also to protect your feet against pollutants and dust. Socks shield the feet against dust, dirt which might stick to the cream applied onto the feet. Moreover, it also protects the feet against UV radiation.

Choose comfortable shoes: Always remember to wear shoes that you are comfortable in. Avoid wearing tight shoes as this may lead to skin infections or sores. Also, avoid wearing high heels regularly as this may cause damage to the tissues and ligaments of your feet.

Source: The Health Site

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