Do i have it?

What is it?
The hammertoes also known as hammertoes or mallet fingers are a deformity in which one or more toes flex and bend acquiring the appearance of a claw.

This problem usually affects the second toe, but can also affect other, so that the smallest bend and squeeze together causing serious problems walking and continuous colors and very annoying.

Do i have it?

  1. The joint half toe is bent. The final part of the toe bends down into a claw-like deformity. At first, you can move and straighten the finger, but over time, you can not do it and hurt.
  2. Often, a callus forms on the top of the toe and is detected callus on the sole of the foot.
  3. Walking or wearing shoes can be painful.

A physical examination of the foot will confirm if you have hammer toe. The doctor may detect decreased or pain on movement of the toes.

Source:  riverafootandankle.com


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