How to cure a fast ankle sprain?

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The first thing is to rest the ankle and avoid doing activities that could damage it more. Sometimes it may be advisable to use crutches or a cane (as directed by the doctor) also a good Ankle provides reinforcement to a joint in recovery process. Physical activity should not be completely avoided. Swimming can be a good substitute for running.

To prevent inflammation and pain, it is recommended to apply ice to the ankle about 15 minutes, 5 times a day for the first 3 days, including the time just after the sprain.

Another important point is to compress the ankle joint with a bandage that runs from the middle of the calf (more or less) to the toes. The pressure should be uniform, but not over. You will know that the bandage is too tight if the toes become dull or start to numb. One of the best options is to wear an ankle brace that compresses the area well. In this post we present several types of anklets according to the scope of your ailment.

When you are at home comfortably sitting on the couch or lying on the bed, keep your foot raised above your heart. You can put your foot on a pair of comfortable cushions. This serves to help drain fluid from inflammation.

Once you regain mobility, do exercises to strengthen your ankle. Some useful exercises for the treatment of ankle sprain are:

  • Move your foot in circles
  • Draw the letters of the alphabet with the toes
  • Stretch the foot moving from front to back
  • Following these tips to heal quickly an ankle sprain, you can resume your normal daily activity as soon as possible.


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