How to Care for Your Ankle Sprain

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What is an ankle sprain?
The injury that occurs when your foot “rolls,” or turns in on itself, is called an ankle sprain. In this injury, the ligaments that hold the ankle and foot bones in place are stretched and weakened.

What should I do after an ankle sprain?
Many doctors recommend that you use the RICE treatment after a sprain:

R = Rest. Stay off the injured ankle to help it heal. This also helps prevent further injury. Your doctor might have you use crutches if walking is too painful. Stay off your feet most of the time until you can walk without pain.

I = Ice. Ice helps keep the swelling down. It also helps to reduce pain. Put an ice pack on the ankle for 15 minutes. Take the ice off for 10 minutes. Put ice back on for 10 minutes. Then use ice for 15 minutes at a time three times a day for two more days.

C = Compression. Compression (wrapping the ankle with a strip of elastic cloth) will help decrease swelling and support your ankle. You can use an elastic wrap from the drugstore, or get an air splint from your doctor. (Your doctor will show you how to use it.) Be careful not to wrap the ankle too tightly. That would slow the blood flow to your foot. Use the elastic bandage for 1 to 2 days.

E = Elevation. Keeping your foot raised helps decrease pain and swelling. When you elevate your ankle, try to keep it around the level of your heart. Lying on a couch with pillows under your foot is better than sitting in a chair with your foot on a footstool. Try to keep your foot elevated for 2 to 3 hours a day.


Source: AAFP

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Treatment of Foot and Ankle.

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