Clip your Nails Correctly to Avoid Ingrown Nails

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An ingrown toenail may seem like a minor thing, but they sure hurt!

When inflamed, they can make it extremely difficult to walk and usually require a GP or health professional to surgically remove the nail from causing further damage to the skin of the toe.

Orthopedist vs. Podiatrist

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An orthopedist is a doctor who treats the musculoskeletal system. They treat any part of the human body, and can give injections, prescribe therapy and do surgical procedures.

7 Symptoms That Indicate You Have An Achilles Tendon Injury

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People don’t tend to give much thought to the state of their Achilles tendon until an injury occurs. The Achilles tendon connects your calf muscle to your heel bone, so when it’s badly hurt, even the prospect of walking around Frisco can seem like an unimaginable task. But how can you be sure you’re suffering from some type of Achilles tendon injury? What symptoms should you be looking for before making an appointment with a podiatrist?

Getting the Best of Bothersome Bunions

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Your big toe deserves some sympathy. Its position and length set it up for stubbing and other injuries. Shoes press in on the toe from the side and down on it from the top. Moreover, the toe also bears much of the body's weight with each step. And the result of the constant wear and tear is often a bunion. The medical name for bunion, hallux (big toe) valgus (turned away from the midline), provides a pretty good description of the way this problem creates a bump at the side of the foot.

Helpful Hints for Children’s Heel Pain

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As spring sports transition into summer activities, kids everywhere are jumping from one thing to the next, running around like crazy — which means parents are too! It’s an action-packed, busy time of year. School will be out before you know it, but in the midst of all this activity, children with heel pain might seem oddly less than enthusiastic.

Common Risk Factors for Stress Fractures

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Nobody likes the idea of a broken bone. Not only do they hurt, but they can also limit your mobility. And with nearly 25% of your bones located in your foot, a stress fracture in your foot can make it painful or downright impossible for you to walk! Who wants that?

Does Pedicure Risk Your Health?

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You have been walking all day long and to round up the day you head to a salon for a heavenly pedicure. It feels so nice to just put your feet in warm water and let the beautician do her magic. Pedicures have not just online has become a cosmetic treatment but a reason to escape this fast growing world to rejuvenate yourself. Men and women, both use pedicure to keep their feet healthy.

3 Tips for the Care of the Feet with the Arrival of Heat

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With the arrival of good weather, the uncovering of the feet begins little by little. Stop using a more closed footwear for a fresher one and in this transit it is necessary to take into account some guidelines to avoid putting the health of the foot at risk. Today in The Podiatrist's Blog we give you 3 tips for foot care with the arrival of heat.