Handling Odorous and Sweaty Feet

Excessive sweating affects approximately 3 percent of the US population.

Excessive sweating and odor are two foot problems that usually occur together. While it is normal for your feet to sweat, as your body regulates temperature and prevents overheating, excess moisture due to sweat and heat inside a shoe provides a perfect environment for bacteria and fungi to grow: the culprits behind that dreaded smell.

How to Choose the Best High Heels for Comfort

Avoid These Mistakes to Find the Best High Heels Ever

High-heeled shoes are more popular than ever, and many women often ask, "Can wearing heels really be bad for my body?" Regular wearers of high heels who experience foot, back, or knee problems also wonder if there is any way they can comfortably wear the stylish shoes they love. Podiatrists and orthopedic specialists often see firsthand some of the problems that develop from wearing high-heeled shoes.

The Diabetic Foot and Risk:

How to Prevent Losing Your Leg

Don't deny you are a diabetic
Anyone who has ever had an elevated blood sugar level is at risk for foot complications. It may be as simple as knowing that once in your life, even during pregnancy, you have had an elevated blood sugar level. If so, you are at risk and must monitor your feet.

How to Select Children's Shoes

Houston Podiatry

Most children learn to walk at about the time of their first birthday, although some learn months earlier or later. As your child begins to walk, you may have your first questions about what shoes he or she should wear. A growing child will need new shoes frequently, and more questions will arise.