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Treatment & Prevention for Warm Sensation in the Feet

The following additional symptoms along with warm sensation in feet indicate of a warning sign that there is some serious underlying medical condition: 

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Five Natural Remedies for Athlete’s Foot

In the unfortunate event of getting this dreaded fungal foot infection, there are some great natural remedies that may help get it under control: 

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Types of Foot & Ankle Arthritis

Arthritis, a condition characterized by damage and stiffness of the joints, may affect any of the more than 30 joints in the foot and ankle. The joints that connect the bones of the foot and ankle provide the body with the balance and stability required to stand, walk, and pursue other physical activities. 

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How to Cure Nail Fungus

Treating the Fungus with Home Remedies

1.- Apply Vick's VapoRub rub to the nail. When used daily, this ointment (usually used to treat coughing) can be effective in reducing the symptoms of an infection. Apply a small amount with cotton swab.

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What Does Warm Sensation in the Feet Indicate?

Warm sensation in the feet is very common and can be present in mild or severe form. In addition, this warm sensation in feet is accompanied by tingling or numbness in the feet. The person suffering from it cannot sleep very well at night and gets very irritated. There are few causes of this symptom of warm sensation in the feet which need to be properly identified and treated accordingly. 

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How Does Athlete’s Foot Occur

It’s no secret that we’re all about natural remedies around here. Every mom should have a few tricks up her sleeve for remedying minor ailments at home without resorting to harmful chemicals. 

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How to prevent toenail fungus

• Keep your nails short, dry and clean. Trim nails straight across and file down thickened areas. Thoroughly dry your feet, including between your toes, after bathing. 

Tips for Diabetes Foot Care

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Tips for Diabetes Foot Care

When you have diabetes, it’s important to take good care of your feet, as you’re more vulnerable to foot problems because diabetes can damage your nerves and reduce blood flow to your feet.