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Home Remedies for Perspiration of the Feet

Foot and Ankle

The following are some effective home remedies for odor of the feet:

Sodium bicarbonate
Add some baking soda to a bucket of water and soak your feet in it for 10 minutes. Sodium bicarbonate increases the acidic properties of the foot and significantly reduces foot odor. Baking soda creates a hostile environment that is not conducive to the multiplication of bacteria, thus avoiding the unpleasant smell.

Choosing Comfortable Walking Shoes

Foot and Ankle

1. - When walking, the first part of the foot that touches the ground is the heel. - Then, gradually, the whole surface is supported to the fingers. For this, you need your footwear to have a flexible sole and greater ability to bend the front than the running shoes. It is important that you can rotate and bend the area of ​​your fingers.

Treat Rams at Home

Foot and Ankle

1. - Place an ice pack on the heel for 10 to 15 minutes at least 2 times a day. - You can try to roll your foot on a frozen can or bottle if the spurs are accompanied by plantar fasciitis.

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